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Vanessa Pulvera

Facebook vs. Instagram

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Not only does it promote your product or service offering, but it also allows you to connect with your audience.

I’ve read a few articles that have predicted the decline of organic content (creative agencies too), which I personally find hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong, social media advertising campaigns are very effective but would you prefer a one-time customer or one that continues to make use of your offering?

If we put this into the perspective of the people that you meet, you might develop a deep relationship with one person and speak two words to the other. My guess would be that you’d maintain your relationship with the first person over the second.

This is the same with your online audience.

You want them to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram so that they’re exposed to your content, to your business. You want to create an online relationship with them.

Facebook vs. Instagram

You can’t go wrong in choosing which platforms will work best for you. I do think that delivering organic content across both is beneficial as they serve different purposes and you tend to reach different audiences between them.

Facebook is full of opportunity. It allows us to connect with people. We can share photos, videos and information. We can create events and be involved in discussion groups. It’s information-driven. You can click on links, which lead you to blog posts, news articles, podcast episodes – you name it.

Instagram, on the other hand, is driven by creativity… it’s a visual platform. Image first, caption later. Video first, information later. When a person looks at your account, they’re looking at your business. It provides a snapshot of your brand and while your aesthetic isn’t the be-all and end-all, it’s definitely a factor to consider.

When it comes to the content you publish on each platform, there are two ways to go about this:

  1. You can have the same content across Facebook and Instagram; or
  2. You can have different content across both.

Take Public, for example. I started with posting the same content across both but as I continue to manage its socials and the business evolves, I’m learning that community-related posts perform exceptionally well on Facebook and photos of the venue or cocktails do great on Instagram. You can always start off this way and see how you go, unless you already have a strategy in mind then, by all means, run with it.

Posts vs. Stories

Not sure if you should make use of Stories?

Do it. It’s a mix of content available to your audience.

Stories work pretty similar across Facebook and Instagram but I don’t think FB Stories have kicked-off just yet. The Digital Picnic actually described it to be “a ghost town” because everyone is on IG Stories (..maybe even more so than the traditional IG Feed). Instagram provides an option for you send your Story to Facebook as well, which is a quick and easy way to do so, but I’d probably hold off on creating story content specifically for Facebook… you feel?

When I post about the staff at Public, it skyrockets as a traditional Facebook post but plummets as a FB Story. It differs on Instagram based on what context I’m posting about the staff. For Valentine’s Day, they went around using a filter that guessed who their Valentine would be this year – it performed really well. This is because it was fun and light-hearted so naturally, I wouldn’t have posted that to the feed (..don’t think it would’ve performed great at all!).

Think of Stories as your best friend, the person you tell everything to. Posting to your feed differs in a way that’s more on-brand – “professional” if you will. You’d post a fancy cocktail on your feed but you’d film how to create that cocktail in your Stories. See the difference? πŸ™Œ


You could have the best content ever but your stats aren’t red-hot.

What’s missing?


Reply to every comment. Follow an Instagram account back. Comment on other posts. Share posts that are about the business.

Engage often, engage well. βœ”οΈ

When I say “engage well”, I don’t mean interact with every single post on your feed. It wouldn’t make sense for Public to comment on a tradie’s photo out of the blue… but it would make sense if they commented on a tradie’s photo if the tradie was a regular customer who has already formed a relationship with the business. Better yet, it would make all the sense in the world if the tradie participated in the annual Nugg Off as it’s directly in line with the business (..the Nugg Off is a Menslink charity event to raise awareness in the mental health of males and it’s hosted at Public).

Plus, these kinds of platforms notice how active you are and it can actually help your social ranking, which in turn can push your content to more people.

Everyone has their own way of managing social media accounts.. to be honest, I don’t think there is a right or wrong way but there are definitely so many effective ways out there.

Try out a few things and see what works best for you. It’s also important to remember that social media is always changing so what works for you now might work in the next year… or it might not. All you need to do it keep up with the environment. ✨

Why I created a social media strategy for Public Bar

If I’ve learned anything from studying, interning and working in the field of marketing for the how-ever-many years… it’s that strategy is everything. βœ”οΈ

When I was offered the role of Public Bar‘s Marketing Coordinator, I was over-the-moon about it but I was also quite terrified. Confident (shock me lol), but terrified.

Why, you ask?

Well, this is going to sound super cheesy… but Public has actually been a significant part of my life.

I love working there. I’ve had fun, been angry and cried there. I learned a lot about what it means to respect a complete stranger as they’d often treat us bar staff like dirt. I learned how to control my temper (..sort of, kinda used to be worse πŸ˜‡). I’ve also met some of the most incredible people while working there.

..should I add that the Venue Manager was (and still is) one of my closest friends at this point?

Plus, he’s one of the owners.

Yep, that’ll do it. Of course I was terrified. 😬

It all happened pretty quickly actually. I had ideas flowing through my head, so I decided to follow one route and roll with it. There you have it – Public’s very first social media strategy (at least I think so, I hadn’t seen any others before). The frequency, messages, images, captions, hashtags… all of the elements that you put into digital marketing was all in my head. Luckily, I had built momentum from my internship at Ivy Social, which helped me a lot.

This worked for a while, and some of it still does despite the number of adjustments we’ve made to accommodate new launches and the new norm.

What became a concern of mine was that I have plans to move interstate after graduating from uni, which means that my time as Public’s Marketing Coordinator would most likely come to an end (..unless my boss lets me work remotely? 😏). I was worried that all the hard work that my boss and I had put in, all the social media presence that we built, all the online relationships I formed for the business, could easily slow down or even worse: come to a complete stop.

And that’s when I decided to put my thoughts onto paper.

This took me a while… five months, to be exact. I don’t even think my boss read the 18-page report from start to finish and to be honest, he didn’t really need to as we had already discussed all of it. He had that much faith in me that he practically gave me full reign of our social media platforms (not that I’ve ever done something without asking or telling him). Bless that human. ❀️

I certainly didn’t create a strategy that would work forever. Social media is an ever-changing environment and the hospitality industry is constantly on-the-go, so I created something that I could continue to build on, and the next person could build on, and the person after that.

Not to mention, I love to watch my friends succeed.. especially when I get to be part of their success.

VP ✨

From ‘work office’ to ‘home office’

The best thing about working from home? Being at home.

And the worst thing? Being at home.

Now, there are a number of arguments for both cases here and everyone’s situation is different. For me, I’ve been able to switch off and focus on a uni report or Public’s marketing for about the last three years.. up until this week.

This week, the team at Ivy Social had to pack up our things from Keep Co and set camp to work from home (along with other small businesses). I was so ready for this but quickly learned that it was a little hard adjusting to the new norm.

What I’m here for is to give you my three tips on how to stay motivated and on-track with all that work that you know you need to do.

Stick to that morning routine

Just because you’re about to be at home seven days a week, doesn’t mean you’re in holiday mode.

Do the regular things: wake up, get out of bed, wash your face, do your skincare.. whatever it is that you usually do before you leave for work in the mornings – do it. The only thing I haven’t stuck to is doing my makeup or hair. Everything else, I’ve continued to do.. especially making my bed. This is a huge deal for me (..seriously, just ask my partner πŸ˜‚) because if I come home to an unmade bed, my mood instantly shifts. Just imagine if I’ve had a long day.

Getting changed as if you were actually heading out to work was a game-changer. I’m not saying you need to put on your office attire, I’m just saying that it helps if you get out of the clothes that you slept in. For me, my desk is in my room so I need to be able to shift my vision from my bedroom to my office all in the same space. Can you see my struggle?

By following your (somewhat) regular morning routine, your brain thinks you’re going to the office, which puts it into work mode. βœ”οΈ

Home office dΓ©cor is everything

I didn’t go out and buy a cute paperweight or anything but I did buy lots of cute stationery (..which isn’t even visible on the table lol). All I did was keep things tidy. Now, for some, organised chaos is the way to go – not this girl. Mess simply stresses me out and I’m a stress head enough as it is!

All you need to do is play to your strengths.

Do you work well in a colourful environment? 🌻

Add colour. Get some flowers or candles to spruce the place up. Whether you’re someone who likes sticking to a colour palette or you’re someone who wants to brighten up your space, you can do just that. To be honest, my desk at the office has its own tones. Think: mauve, golden vibes. And pink. I need pink.

Do you work well with inspiration? 🎨

Look for some artwork. You’d be surprised at how much creativity and motivation a person can find just by looking at a piece of art. Check out Scott Leggo‘s online gallery for premium landscape photography.. you won’t be disappointed.

Do you work well with photos of your loved ones surrounding you? πŸ“Έ

Print them out. This is what I have in my bedroom/home office. I have photos stuck up on my wall and in frames on my desk. They’re the people who motivate me in real life, so it’s only natural that I want to be able to see them if I ever need a mental pick-me-up (..perhaps something I should think about for the office?).

I found that working in an environment with something visual helped me get motivated. Sometimes, it’ll take me a while to get into the swing of things but when I do, I’m there for a while. Despite however long it may take me to get to this point, it would most definitely take me longer if I didn’t have anything to look at and readjust my focus.

Get yourself an Ivy Social team

Now, I may be biased, but the girls at Ivy Social are just something else. 🌿

We’re quite lucky, in that our line of work can be done remotely but what I love is that the culture hasn’t felt too different since working from home. We still have our morning meetings and talk to each other all-day (albeit it’s over a phone call or in a group chat).

The only downside I’ve experienced this week is hitting that 3 pm struggle where we’d usually have a quick chat about non-related work things or go get a coffee from next door. This is just something that I’ll need to work on at home so that I don’t get used to it and take it back to the office with me when we return.

I understand that you won’t have the exact same work culture but it certainly helps to surround yourself with people who are either in the same boat as you or just simply get it.

Now that the first week is done, let’s hope I can keep this up!

VP ✨

Ivy Social’s first intern

If you were to ask the people in my life about my self-confidence and self-esteem, I have a feeling that most, if not all, would say that mine are pretty high (..often too high πŸ˜‚).

To be honest, I’m quite sure of myself and am very confident in what I already know and what I’m comfortable with. For example, I know that I’ve got great time management and can mix a nicely-frothed Espresso Martini at my bar job. But… when UC updated course requirements and incorporated two internships in my double degree – I felt incredibly nervous within seconds.

Why, you ask?

Believe it or not: it’s because I have zero confidence in my interview skills and I know that they’re a first impression. Seriously.

When the time came, I searched through UC’s CareerHub which listed so many possible internships. I wasn’t sure what I was really looking for but I always had an interest in digital marketing (without even knowing it) and got good grades in my communications units.

And then, I stumbled across Ivy Social. Cute name, right? 😍

I looked more into them: “a boutique social media consultancy in Canberra”. I searched for the contact person and she’s someone I went to school with, she was actually in the year above me (classic Canberra). And so, I sent her an email with my expression of interest and resume.

Knowing that I had to do an interview was nerve-racking, but it definitely helped that I sort of knew my potential first internship supervisor. It didn’t feel like such a formal interview either, it felt more like a conversation which flowed nicely. Then and there, we discussed start dates and I was super excited (..internally, I was doing a self-high-five as I hadn’t applied anywhere else πŸ™).

Now when it came to the actual internship, it was kinda funny in that they weren’t sure of how to go about training me – I was the first official intern for Ivy Social.

Let me tell you: they absolutely killed it. I learned so much about the ins and outs of social media including the algorithm, paid advertising, writing content for different clients across a number of industries – I’m still learning more about all of these things.

What I loved the most was that in one moment, I could step into the minds of a prestigious car brand, then the solar industry in the next. I never realised how much I’d fall in love with creative writing – all thanks to this opportunity.

The best thing about this internship?

It landed me the role of Social Media Content Coordinator at Ivy Social months later. 🌿

Safe to say that I’ve built – and will continue to build – my self-confidence in a new environment.

VP ✨

I’m back!

Well… this blog certainly went to rest once I completed that Digital Marketing unit, didn’t it?! Whoops.

Because of the momentum I had built from doing my internship and regularly blogging for uni, I had every single intention to continue – even if it was just once a month.

But then, you know, life happened.

In my defence, big and exciting life things happened. All the good things, really.


I landed two marketing jobs! πŸŽ‰

I’ll save these roles for future blog posts but I just wanted to let you all know that your girl is back in action.

Yes.. I have another unit which requires this kind of assessment however, I really, really do want to get into the swing of blog writing. So, I’m publicly writing this to keep myself accountable. Wish me luck.

Throughout Semester 1, 2020, you can expect to see my academic and professional portfolio, as well as read about my own experiences (..maybe you’ll get to read about a funny story or two!). πŸ™Œ

In short: I’m back and I’m thrilled.

VP. ✨