Black Opal 2020 | Public Bar

Black Opal 2020, Public Bar | Photography: Olia Balabina, Olia Photography

Black Opal is similar to Melbourne Cup but a bit more relaxed in nature as the event typically attracts a younger crowd. We organised drink specials and I organised a complimentary bus service for our patrons, departing Thoroughbred Park and arriving at the venue in Manuka.

I worked closely with the Venue Manager and Ohboi Creative in designing the marketing material. Race days are typically quite feminine and upper class, so it was important to meet that standard while reaching a younger target audience. All advertising was conducted organically without a budget, which performed well as it reached 3,664 unique accounts across four different posts. This averaged out to be a reach of 916 per post.

On 8 March 2020, the day of the event, I went to Thoroughbred Park to ensure that intoxicated patrons did not board the bus as a health and safety measure, as well check IDs and hand out drink tokens for their arrival. As Public remained busy, I shot some content for its social media platforms. Instagram Stories perform well as the event takes place.

Bushfire Charity Fundraiser 2020 | Public Bar

Bushfire Charity Fundraiser 2020, Public Bar | Graphic Design: Tom Phelan, Ohboi Creative

Public hosted a charity fundraiser on 26 January 2020 to assist the NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES Wildlife Rescue with the South Coast bushfires. We turned this event around quite quickly as we need to action items in an efficient manner from drink specials to live musics acts to social media marketing.

We decided to have a raffle, which was a new responsibility that I had accepted. The idea was that each raffle ticket would cost $5 and there would three winners of different prize packs sponsored by local businesses. I reached out to the GWS Giants, Canberra Raiders, Mada Wines, Touch of Siam, A&C Sparkle, the Federal Golf Club and one of our regular customers (who donated a wine and spirits hamper).

The day was a success and we raised approximately $2,500.

Bottomless Rosé Brunch 2019 | Public Bar

Bottomless Rosé Brunch 2019, Public Bar | Photography: Olia Balabina, Olia Photography

To kick off the first weekend of summer, Public hosted the Bottomless Rosé Brunch on 7 December 2019. Being an event skewed towards females, it was critical that the material was designed in a feminine matter – especially because Rosé is quite feminine.

As the advertising budget was smaller for this event, I opted for a boosted post instead of an advertising campaign. I boosted the organic post announcing the Bottomless Rosé Brunch as it was performing very well and we wanted to push the material that little bit further.

Public had just implemented NowBookIt, an online booking system, which offered an event ticket system. I spent some time learning and setting the system up to make sure customers were able to purchase tickets and book tables at the same time. Although this was a time consuming task, it was extremely effective and a learning curve for future events.

Melbourne Cup 2019 | Public Bar

Melbourne Cup 2019, Public Bar | Photography: Olia Balabina, Olia Photography

For my first project, I was responsible for the marketing strategy of Melbourne Cup for 5 November 2019. The design was already created before I took on this role so I ensured that all material was ready including the venue poster, social media tile, Facebook banner, Instagram Story tile and table setting cards. The poster was placed behind the bar, where it would gain the most traction as patrons are required to order and pay at the bar. I pushed all marketing material on Facebook and Instagram, and encouraged staff to share it across their personal platforms too.

Due to the event being exclusive in nature, I created a platform for consumers to purchase tickets to the event using Eventbrite. I ensured that guests were able to find the event link, purchase tickets seamlessly and maintained a ticket count for the Venue Manager. As tickets were purchased online and in-house, I kept a record of all ticket holders and numbers in preparation for entry on the day of the event.

I created my first advertising campaign for a client on Facebook following what I had learned in Social School during my first internship.

The ad was active for 15 days from 14 October 2019 until 28 October 2019. It was placed on the Facebook feed, the Instagram feed (pictured) and Instagram Stories.

When it came to targeting, I was specific enough to reach the event’s intended audience but broad enough to optimise reach. The target audience for this event was 25-50 year old males and females who work in Canberra offices.

I utilised the carousel creative and included the event design as the first image, followed by social images from previous Melbourne Cup events. The campaign generated a reach of 4,824 people and 10,611 impressions. The event sold out.

To maximise social media exposure, I worked with beauty influencer, Stephanie Bailey by introducing a collaboration between herself and Public. I was aware that she had recently moved to Canberra and wanted to break into the market so I saw the perfect opportunity.

On the day of the event, I was responsible for entry, social media coverage for the venue’s Instagram account and ensuring that Stephanie was comfortable and enjoying herself.