The three E’s of social media: Educate, entertain and engage

The first time I heard about the three E’s was when I was interning with Ivy Social. I attended Social School, which is a workshop hosted by the legendary Queens of Ivy Social and Good Day PR, focusing on all things social media. I had already learned so much in the first few weeks of […]

How to write content for social media

Someone once told me that “online relationships mimic offline ones” and that statement has well and truly stuck with me (..thank you to my boss at Ivy Social for allowing me to interview her for a uni assignment! 🤓). I’ve been writing content for social media for nearly a year now. I may be starting […]

Give love, get love

While social media has changed the way we do our marketing, it’s pretty easy to get caught in the more obvious metrics like, “How many followers do I have? How many likes did yesterday’s post get?”. Don’t get me wrong, they sure do have a role to play but if that’s all you’re measuring, then […]


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