So.. how did I get to where I am now?

Well, it’s a bit of a story.

I was one of those kids in school that wasn’t sure of what she’d do career-wise.

My family moved around a lot, so I never really found a place where I felt like I “belonged” until Canberra, where I’ve lived for over 10 years.

I studied Event Management after Year 12 which I absolutely loved but it was all those marketing classes that interested me the most. I was always good at the subject… despite not having the drive for it during my early school years.

This then led to my application for University of Canberra. I’m currently in my final year of study in Marketing Management and Communications in Public Relations. I enjoyed the course but it wasn’t until after my trip to Europe in 2016 that I actively made the decision to put my head down and focus, as I was finally driven to become what we know Sophia Amoruso as: a #GirlBoss. ⚡️

I did my first internship in 2019 at Ivy Social, where my eyes opened to the world of social media. I saw such a high demand for businesses to have an online presence while being able to ignite with my creative juices.

Throughout my years of study, I worked at multiple bars. I learned about the industry and met all kinds of people. Not long after my internship ended, I was offered a marketing position at Public – the bar where I casually worked. I loved the place.. can you blame me, though? I met some of my very best friends while working there.

Within this role, I’ve had the pleasure of having full reign over the social media accounts, as well as working with other creatives and planning exclusive events with the management team.

Outside of work and my studies, I love being at home just as much as I love going out to eat. I’m also a huge fan of watching the sunset with a glass of wine.